Friday, August 3, 2012

Dancing with the Devil

Nick moved silently, like the big cats that stalked the rocky hillsides outside of L.A. Unseen but none the less deadly to the unsuspecting. He crept up silently behind Meyers; his death would be quick and merciful, more than what he deserved for the pain he caused his family. Rage filled him as he thought about what Meyers had done to Kathy and Angel and each precious day that had slipped by without his children
He spun Meyers around to face him. The glint of fear in his eyes was quickly replaced with hatred.
Meyers reached for his gun but Dempsey was inhumanly fast. A steel grip squeezed his throat, Meyers grunted, fighting for air, for his life, for one last breath. His gun clattered to the ground, it was useless to him now. Dempsey’s grip loosened and Meyers first thought was to scream for help, but he wouldn’t give Dempsey the satisfaction of showing him fear. He would be dead and Dempsey gone before anyone could finish dialing 911.
“See Dempsey, I was right. You are nothing but a stone-cold killer, and from the look of your eyes, you’re using again. You’re weak and I knew if I pushed hard enough you’d break. His fate was sealed and at the moment death seemed better than an eight by ten cell for the rest of his life. The only satisfaction he had was in knowing he had destroyed Dempsey in the process. He had in some small way destroyed them all.

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  1. oooh deliciously good excerpt this book is really sensational