Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ties that Bind - Nick and Angel...the beginning.

   Nick grabbed her arm gently. “I won’t hurt you. I’ll never hurt you.” He smiled when he saw the fear leave her eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. There was so much pain in them for someone so young. Somehow, he had to get her out of there and away from Carlos.
   Angel nodded and finished the stitches; he was barely conscious and needed to rest. There was no telling what other sick games Carlos had in store for him. Today she was more frightened than usual, first Carlos was angry at her interest in this man then he had given her to him. She led Nick to the bedroom. This man was all about control and power; he didn’t need a gun or an army of men to command respect and he excited her. 
   “Take your jeans off and I’ll wash them,” she said. He rested his hands on her shoulders while he stepped out of the blood-stained jeans. She stood momentarily transfixed admiring his body; it was hard and muscled, not soft like Carlos’. What would he be like as a lover? Would he be rough and brutal or would his touch be soft as it was now.
   “We need to get you to bed.” Nick stumbled, and pulled her down on top of him. His eyes reminded her of hot chocolate, deep and rich. Her fingers twined in his chest hair as she stared at the cross around his neck. “It’s beautiful.”
   “It’s a Celtic cross.” It was the only thing left of his father and he never took it off. “It’s brought me good luck.” His friend, Jack always said he was a cat with nine lives, but Nick wondered if it was his father looking out for him. All the chances he had taken in his life and all the times he had cheated death. He felt loved and protected when he wore the cross as though his father was still with him.
Angel pulled herself up to kiss his lips. He wrapped his hand in her long strawberry blond hair and kissed her back, his body responded to her touch.
   “No,” he said rolling her off him.
   “Don’t you want me?” she asked. Her innocent blue eyes stared into his. He couldn’t remember wanting anyone as much. This woman was so young, probably twenty going on forty, and she belonged to a man, he couldn’t afford to piss off. He hadn’t made love in almost two years, when he had broken off his engagement to take this assignment. He couldn’t leave her waiting and wondering, when and if he’d come home. He had come across his share of bad-ass drug dealers, but Carlos had a reputation for being crazy and today he had proved it. Angel ran her hands over his body. Nick pushed it away, struggling to stay awake and in control.
   “Why Angel?” he whispered.
   “Because when you’re with me you’ll think you died and went to heaven.”
   He smiled; she did look like an Angel.