Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Title contest

This is a brief synopses of my sequel to Nature of the Beast. I'm not sure about using my current title and would love some opinions from all of you!!

Sheriff Nick Dempsey has spent a lifetime making enemies. With his marriage to actress Kathy Tyler and the birth of their child, his life is finally complete. After Kathy gets an offer to make another movie, the three leave Minnesota for L.A. and the life they left behind.
Angel, a former lover and an old enemy team up to destroy Nick and his family. After a brutal attack, Kathy is left for dead and their son is kidnapped. Nick becomes a pawn in a power struggle and learns that the price of his son’s freedom is murder.
As his life spins violently out of control, the lure of drugs and his ex-lover offer him an escape from the pain. Angel must decide if she can forgive Nick before it costs him his freedom or his life.
1. Ties that Bind
2. Blood Ties
3. Sins and Secrets
4. Dancing with the Devil
5. Scorned
6. Sin and Redemption
7. The Devil You Know 
8. Past Sins
9. Entangled

Please feel free to add a title. If I choose it,  I will give you a $10 Amazon gift card and copies of all my novels. If I don't use a contestant's title; I will choose a winner from the other entries. In case of more than one submission for the same book title I will pick a winner at random.

Thank you for entering!!


  1. Bright Lights, Deadly Deceptions would be a great title for this book.
    My email: frishawn.wtfareyoureading@gmail(dot)com

  2. New follower of your blog.
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    1. I like either of the Devil titles...I think it works with Nature of the Beast. Those just lept out at me.

  3. Sin and Redemption
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Lapse of Conscience
    Out of Control
    Out of Time
    Birth of the Beast

  4. I like Sheil's actually! But I might go all the way to "Sins of the Father" so it's not only in-keeping with the phrase everyone's familiar with but it also echoes the title of the first novel, "Nature of the Beast."

    Just my two cents.

    j. //

  5. Dancing with the Devil!

    I was thinking . . . A Mistake Brought Back. That's the best I got. :)